What would you write if you only got 100 social media posts for life?

What would you write if you only got 100 social media posts for life?

The new social media network named “Minus” now allows you to find out.

Do you remember the old days when we all struggled to confine our thoughts to 140 characters? If you thought that was a real challenge, the new social network created by Ben Grosser will probably sound like torture. With “Minus”, you only get 100 posts for lifetime – and once you’re done, there’s no going back.

There are also no likes, follows, algorithms or metrics – just text on a white background and a dwindling count of how many posts each user has left. The reply field is the only interactive function on the entire platform.

While some users are determined to make each post count, others are absolutely ridiculous, posting poems about poop or letting their cat take over the keyboard. The overall strategy appears to be to get the post count down to 0.

One thing’s for sure, though – by discouraging constant engagement and taking away instant gratification that so many of us crave, it provides interesting insight into what healthier online communication could look like. Only time will tell whether it will inspire other social media platforms to rethink their features and put the well-being of their users first.

Source: Gizmodo

Maciej Biegajewski

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