Mobile Internet in Poland (April 2024)

Mobile Internet in Poland (April 2024)

Spring is in full swing and the telecommunications market is moving quickly, introducing new changes and innovations. April saw some interesting results in terms of mobile Internet quality and speed. Let’s explore the detailed measurements gathered via the RFBENCHMARK app to see how various operators have performed over the past month.

In April, users of the RFBENCHMARK mobile app took 353,844 measurements*.

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In April, 67,840 measurements were made using 5G technology, representing 19.7% of all mobile network quality and speed tests in Poland. Additionally, 279,097 measurements were conducted using 4G LTE coverage.

In terms of popularity, the Orange network was the most measured with 32.9% of the total. Play was a close second at 32.6%, followed by Plus at 17.5% and T-Mobile at 17.1%.

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* Data is for the period 1-24.04.2024

Mobile Internet in Poland – What was the situation like in March 2024?

In March 2024, T-Mobile once again led the way in the 5G services market with an impressive average download speed of 247.8 Mbps. This result placed it well ahead of its competitors, securing its position as the leader in providing the latest generation of mobile Internet services. Meanwhile, Orange continued to dominate the upload speed category, taking the top spot with a speed of 51.3 Mbps, demonstrating its strong presence in the 5G market.

The competition was just as fierce in the 4G LTE segment, where T-Mobile kept its lead in download speeds at 43.8 Mbps. However, it was Play that stood out in March, leading in two categories: it achieved the highest upload speed on the 4G LTE network at 23.0 Mbps and recorded the lowest ping value of 30.4 ms, giving it the edge in data latency.

5G performance

Average data download speed: T-Mobile (274.3 Mbps)

This marks the third consecutive reading where T-Mobile has led in the average 5G download speed category. In April, it reached a speed of 274.3 Mbps. 

Orange came in second, also exceeding the 250 Mbps mark with an average download speed of 250.7 Mbps. 

The final two spots on our table were taken by Play, with 156.7 Mbps, and Plus, with 145.4 Mbps.

Average data upload speed: Orange (52.8 Mbps)

Orange continues to lead in the average 5G upload speed category after last month’s rise, securing first place again with a speed of 52.8 Mbps. The competition remains close, however, with the leader feeling the pressure from its rivals.

T-Mobile was a close second with 52.4 Mbps, narrowly missing the top spot by just 0.4 Mbps. Play came in third with 48.5 Mbps, while Plus finished last with a significantly lower speed of 29.7 Mbps.

Lowest ping value: Play (23.0 ms)

In the final category of 5G measurements, Play maintained its top position with a ping of 23 ms, an improvement from its March performance of 25.9 ms (as noted by the editor). The competition for the remaining spots was tight, with only small differences between the results. 

Orange took second place with 25.2 ms, followed by T-Mobile at 26.6 ms, and Plus in last place with 28.4 ms.

Download (5G)
Upload (5G)
Download (5G)
Upload (5G)

4G LTE performance

Average data download speed:  T-Mobile (46.2 Mbps)

In April, T-Mobile continued its excellent form, remaining the leading mobile operator for average LTE download speeds, achieving 46.2 Mbps. This performance clearly set it apart from its competitors. 

Play claimed second place with 41.3 Mbps, followed by Orange at 38.8 Mbps. Plus came in last with 37.4 Mbps.

Average data upload speed: Play (23.6 Mbps)

In the category of average 4G LTE upload speed, Play maintained its top position with a speed of 23.6 Mbps, outpacing T-Mobile which recorded 20.7 Mbps. Orange followed with 20.0 Mbps, and Plus was at the bottom with 18.7 Mbps.

Lowest ping value: Play (29.0 ms)

In the category of lowest 4G LTE ping values, Play led the way in April with a ping of 29 ms, improving its position as the leader. 

Orange followed with 33.1 ms, while T-Mobile and Plus recorded higher pings of 35.2 ms and 38.2 ms respectively, placing them further down the list.

Download (LTE)
Upload (LTE)
Download (LTE)
Upload (LTE)

5G/4G LTE Leaderboard


Parameter measuredOrangePlayPlusT-Mobile
Data download speed250.7 Mbps156.7 Mbps145.4 Mbps274.3 Mbps
Data upload speed52.8 Mbps48.5 Mbps29.7 Mbps52.4 Mbps
Ping25.2 ms23.0 ms28.4 ms26.6 ms
Number of measurements18109177401745014541



Parameter measured
Data download speed38.8 Mbps41.3 Mbps37.4 Mbps46.2 Mbps
Data upload speed20.0 Mbps23.6 Mbps18.7 Mbps20.7 Mbps
Ping33.1 ms29.0 ms38.2 ms35.2 ms
Number of measurements95731959844168445698

How did we collect data for the ranking?

The measurements are collected from the users of our mobile app. It allows us to measure basic mobile network parameters – including signal level and quality depending on the technology used by the mobile device, information about the mobile network operator, or the country where the smartphone is located. In addition, on-demand measurements of data download and upload speeds, as well as a latency test, are performed.

When the app notices a low-quality voice call, lack of mobile Internet service, or other services, it has the ability to report the user’s current position where the problem occurred.

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